Experience the Healing Power of Creative Arts Therapies
Liam Henderson 6 Oct 0

Immerse Yourself into the World of Creative Arts Therapies

In a world brimming with uncertainties, it's easy to feel crestfallen and overwhelmed. However, I would like to draw your attention to something genuinely transformative – the healing power of creative arts therapies. My firsthand experience has imbued me with a profound appreciation for this form of therapy. The tangible changes it brought to my life are truly noteworthy. So, today, I felt inspired to disclose my observations and expose the world of creative arts therapies from a personal perspective. This will be a rollercoaster ride, filled with colored paints, moving melodies, dance steps, and of course, a sprinkle of my funny experiences as well.

Unraveling the Concept of Creative Arts Therapies

What exactly is creative arts therapy? In simple terms, it embraces a spectrum of practices using arts as a therapeutic tool. Here, the arts mean not only painting or sculpting, but a wider array including music, dance, drama, poetry, sand play, and even storytelling. The purpose is to stimulate self-expression, to help us untangle the mess that often resides on the inside. It's like a different language which our unconsciousness uses to communicate with us, a language filled with colors, emotions, movements, and sounds rather than just words.

Being someone who has struggled with expressing feelings verbally, finding this form of therapy was literally as though I translated an ancient scroll. Seeing my thoughts and feelings expressed in vivid colors or vigorous dance steps, I began to understand myself better while also revealing hidden corners of my personality.

The Healing That Comes with Creative Arts Therapies

What makes creative arts therapies so special that we dub it 'healing'? The magic lies in the process itself. It's not just about creating something visually appealing or musically harmonious. Rather, it's about examining our deepest anxieties, fears, hopes, and joys, and then externalizing those emotions onto canvas, music, or dance. It's like a soul detox, an internal spa, if you like, releasing pent-up emotions that sometimes we don't even know exist.

The beauty of it? There's no right or wrong. My first foray into creative arts therapy was through painting (not that I was, or am, Van Gogh by any stretch). Believe me, my first masterpiece resembled more of a rather colorful porridge, but it did lead to a profound sense of relief and recognition. Recognition not of my artistic skills, but of myriad emotions that painting laid bare.

Specks of Light in the Darkness: Trauma and Creative Arts Therapies

Risking a toe-dip into more serious waters here, but let's address that elephant in the room – Trauma. Traumas often lock us into a dark cell in the labyrinth of our mind, sometimes rendering us speechless. That's where creative arts therapies shine as a gentle and empathetic torchbearer.

We get nightmares because some traumas can't express themselves in words; they require images, sounds, or physical movements. Transforming traumas into artistic expressions, if done right, helps alter their perception, making them less intimidating and more manageable. Yes, it will be painful yet cathartic, like letting go of a splinter that has been causing discomfort for a long time.

Can Anyone Harness the Power of Creative Arts Therapies?

Surely, I hear skeptics musing, it's not for everybody; you need to have some artistic inclinations. Surprise! It's not about creating an artistic masterpiece, rather about revealing the masterpiece of expressions, emotions, and experiences that lay underneath. Picture it as an archaeologist lightly dusting off to expose the treasure underneath. Whether you find a relic or a simple pottery shard, the process and the discovery itself are exhilarating.

While we're at it, let's not forget the people who share their lives with kids. Children are natural artists, living beautifully in their world of imagination. Engaging in creative arts therapies, by default, brings you closer to their level of thinking, helping to unveil their joys and concerns in their own language. This could be an excellent step towards better understanding and bonding with your children.

The Role of a Creative Therapist: Your Trusty Guide

As powerful as creative arts therapies can be, it certainly helps to have someone to guide you through this journey – someone who knows the terrain and can provide the right tools – a therapist. Just like a regular therapy session, the presence of a professional can help you understand yourself better, navigate through your emotions, and deal with any challenging aspects that might arise. Thus resulting in a more fruitful and enrichifying experience.

Giving Creative Arts Therapies a Chance: Here's How

If my ramble has stirred your curiosity, why not give it a shot? Start small, maybe with doodling, humming a tune, scribbling a poem, or even trying some freestyle dancing in your living room (it's fun, trust me). And guess what? There's no 'good or bad' here, just 'you'.

Perhaps, like me, venturing into this creative world might just become your oasis of calm. And even on those seemingly less successful days where you end up with more paint in your hair than on the canvas, remember, it's all about the journey and the feeling of expressing what's within you. Let's cherish each stroke, each note, and each dance step along the way. After all, every masterpiece was once a blank canvas to start with!