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Who We Are

EU Health Guide is an online portal dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable health information to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness. Our platform is built with the purpose of delivering up-to-date insights on a wide array of health topics, ranging from general wellness to specific medical conditions. Our commitment to accuracy and relevance in the health sector drives us to consistently update our content and ensure that our readers are informed with the latest in health research and advice. What sets us apart is not just our factual and informational content, but the ability to present complex health issues in an accessible and understandable format for our diverse audience.

Our Mission

Our mission at EU Health Guide is to democratize health knowledge and make it universally accessible. We believe that an informed individual is empowered to make better health decisions, and thus, our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for our audience to understand their health better. Through extensive research, collaboration with health professionals, and a user-centric approach, we strive to deliver content that is both informative and practical. Every piece of content is crafted to support, educate, and inspire our readers in their wellness journeys, regardless of where they are in that journey.

Our Founder

Emery Goodwin, the visionary behind EU Health Guide, has a profound passion for health and wellness combined with a commitment to the dissemination of trustworthy health information. Operating from Melbourne, Australia, Emery has harnessed the power of the internet to bridge gaps in health information across Europe and globally. As a health advocate, Emery foresees EU Health Guide as a primary online resource, constantly evolving with the dynamic nature of health science, and offering credible, verified, and articulate health guidance that is easily digestible for the public.

Our Content

The richness of our content lies in its diversity and depth. At EU Health Guide, readers can find a vast repository of articles, guides, and tips that encompass all aspects of health—from nutrition and exercise to mental health and disease management. Our content creation process involves meticulous research, stringent editorial standards, and a continuous feedback loop from our readers. This ensures that the information provided is not only comprehensive but also resonates with the needs and concerns of our audience. We take pride in our editorial integrity and the value we contribute to the global conversation on health and well-being.

Get Involved

We invite our readers to become an active part of EU Health Guide by contributing their feedback, sharing their stories, and suggesting topics for future coverage. Our platform is a community-centric space where engagement is encouraged, and every individual’s health experience is valued. We believe that collective wisdom and shared experiences can greatly enhance the depth and breadth of health information, thus benefiting everyone who comes to EU Health Guide seeking knowledge and support. Join us on this journey to foster a healthier, more informed world, one reader at a time.