The Secret to Achieving Everlasting Calmness
Emery Goodwin 28 Jul 0

Unravelling the Mystery of Calmness

Remember that time when we were children who would throw tantrums for every little thing? And now as Emery, you yearn for calmness in an otherwise chaotic world? Funny how things change, isn’t it? I've always been someone who values calmness. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's the oasis of tranquility that I strive for. But is calmness that simple to achieve? Is it just the absence of noise or distress? Or is it a feeling deep within that's unperturbed by outer fluctuations? Let's unwrap this mystery together, folks!

The Pillars of Calmness

You see, calmness isn't one-dimensional. It's a complex paradigm resting on three pillars - mind, body, and soul. To know calmness is to understand these constituents. The body is a marvelous machine, and keeping it healthy is our primary responsibility. Did you know that our physiological state can significantly impact our emotional well-being? When we engage in regular exercise, our body releases endorphins that boost our mood. A calm body is a foundation for a calm mind. Speaking of which, let's move to the mind. Ah, the mind, the epicenter of our thoughts, feelings and everything under the sun. And guess what? It's the chief controller of our sense of calm. A mind cluttered with stress, emotions, and thoughts is like a storm, where finding calmness would be like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

Decluttering the Mind

So, how do we declutter this mind of ours? Well, one way that worked for me is meditation. It helped me become more present and less engaged in the chaos of the past or the future. Writing - just letting the ink flow and thoughts pour onto paper - can also help. It might leave a stain on your fingers, but it clears the mind. Art, music, dance - these are portals that lead you to your real, calm self. The power of these activities to de-stress the mind is incredible. I remember the time I dabbled in painting. My paintbrush felt like Harry Potter’s wand casting a calming spell on my mind - an unexplainable but certain magic! It taught me something - when your mind is at peace, your soul finds its calm.

Beautifying the Soul

The soul, my friend, is a beautiful entity, and it craves beauty. Diving into the depths of philosophy, literature, poetry or any form of self-expression can not only enrich the soul but also harbour quietude within it. On nights when silence seemed deafening, I would take comfort in the words of Rumi. Somehow, they had the power to soothe my soul and bestow a serene calmness. They say that the soul is nothing but a mirror reflecting our essence. A calm soul implies an essence filled with tranquility. So, gents and ladies, let’s engage in some soul-beautifying!

Gracefully Accepting Change

The final aspect of achieving calmness is gracefully accepting change - the only constant in this universe. To resist change is like trying to stop the sun from rising - an utterly futile endeavor. Life is a stream of changes, continuously ebbing and flowing. Instead of resisting, if we learn to swim with the current, we realize that the stream itself leads to a calm ocean of inner tranquility. It may seem like a daunting task initially. But trust me, with gradual practice, you will not just accept change but actually start cherishing it. Embrace the symphony of life - the highs, the lows, the hits, and the misses. I promise you, this symphony has a rhythm - a rhythm of calmness. It's hidden there, in between the notes, waiting for you to feel it, to follow it.

Long story short, embrace a healthy body, a decluttered mind, a beautiful soul, and a change-accepting attitude, and you will find yourself in the serene lap of everlasting calmness. The secret isn't a big, profound truth hidden in some mystical land. It's within you, in your everyday actions, thoughts, and acceptance. Catch you on the calm side!