10 Proven Strategies to Cultivate Calmness in Your Life
Liam Henderson 7 Dec 0

Embracing Mindfulness to Maintain Serenity

Hey, this is Liam. Today, I want to share something critical with you that I believe could transform and add a calming quotient to your life. Mindfulness. What is this, you ask? Mindfulness is essentially immersing yourself fully in the present moment. It's about paying attention deliberately and going about your everyday moments with more care and thought. You might wonder, how does being mindful bring calmness? When you are mindful, you essentially exert control over your thoughts and therefore, your brain. You're actively teaching it to focus on the present, thereby warding off pesky worries about the past or the uncertain future. Seems impressive, doesn't it?

Now, let's dive into how this can be applied. If you're sipping your morning coffee, instead of gulping it down while your eyes are glued to your smartphone, take a moment to savor it. Feel the warmth seep into your fingertips, inhale the aroma, let it awaken your senses. Observe your surroundings, hear the sounds, be fully present. This seemingly tiny act can lend a peaceful start to your day. Just an interesting note here: According to a Harvard study, you can decrease your anxiety levels by 58% with mindfulness!

Regular Physical Activities to Release Stress

Moving on to my next stratagem, which is physical activity. No, wait. Before you roll your eyes and give me that 'Not this again, Liam' look, just hear me out. Doing regular physical activities not only strengthens your body but also helps to release your pent up stress. Yeah, not joking, all the seemingly random moving around can actually help you maintain your calm and it's scientifically proven. True story.

When you engage in physical activities, your body releases endorphins, chemicals that are natural stress beaters. These are also known to provide a sense of euphoria, commonly referred to as the 'runner's high'. It’s like your body’s very own version of happy pills. Now, the physical activity here can range from joining salsa dance classes (for those of you who like to shake a leg) to a calm stroll in the park nearby. On a funny note, I once tried salsa lessons while I have two left feet. It's a story for another day but let me tell you, it was hilarious!

The Art of Deep Breathing

Next up is something so straightforward yet profoundly powerful: Deep Breathing. All of us breathe, well, at least I hope we do, else we have a severe issue on our hands. Jokes apart, deep breathing proves to be an excellent stress buster. It works by sending signals to your brain to calm down and it, in turn, transmits this message to your body. You end up feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

So how does one go about doing this? Just take a slow, deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, then gradually release it. Repeat this exercise a few times and do it whenever you're feeling stressed out. And who knows, with enough practice, you could breathe out stress as easy as dragons breathe fire. Quite intriguingly, according to a study at Stanford University, a mere deep breathing routine of 10 minutes each day has a 36% reduction in stress levels.

Decluttering Digital Space

On the topic of tactics to keep you calm, let's talk about digital decluttering. In this modern era, digital devices are an integral part of our lives- be it smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Every single beep can lead to a jolt of anxiety shooting through our body. Thus, organizing our digital space can turn out to be a lifesaver.

Start by attacking those emails that have been piling up for ages, arrange your files in order and most importantly, turn off unnecessary notifications. Don't forget to pick a screen-free time where your eyes get a well-deserved break from screens. Just an interesting and slightly scary serving of fact pie: The average American checks their phone every 12 minutes. That's nearly 80 times a day! Clearly, digital decluttering holds a far greater importance than we realize.

Nature Therapy for Inner Peace

Have you heard of nature therapy? No, it's not buying a forest to escape reality, I wish it were though. Nature therapy is just immersing yourself in nature. Spending time in green spaces can drastically enhance your mood and create a sense of calmness. You see, nature has a symphony of its own, and it's undoubtedly one of the most soothing ones out there. Now, how do we adopt this? Easy peasy.

Go for a walk in the park, have a barbecue with your friends on weekends, or just sit quietly on a bench under the comforting shade of a tree. Or jump into a pile of leaves and be goofy, who is judging? Just let nature do its magic. Did you know, eco-therapy is an actual thing and is used to treat mental illnesses? My particular personal stint with nature therapy was during a solo camping trip. A humbling experience, it was both empowering and calming in the most unique sense.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude: The Key to Tranquillity

Last but definitely not least, embracing positivity. Carrying a positive attitude can act as a shield against stress. How you perceive and react to situations matter. So opt to look for the silver lining than focusing on the stormy clouds. Furthermore, try to surround yourself with positive and happy people. Positivity is contagious and a great stress-buster!

Speaking from my own experience, I've seen that implementing even small bouts of positivity into my life has made a significant difference. It was refreshing and a subtle reminder that happiness is often a choice. Remember, we can't always control what happens to us, but we can certainly control our attitude towards it. Trust me on this. And well, statistics back me up too. According to some research, a positive outlook can even increase your lifespan by 7.5-10 years! Now that's what I call an incentive!

In conclusion, remember, finding calmness isn't overly complicated or meant only for the monks. It's very much within your grasp with a dash of effort and consistency. So, take control of your well-being, and start adopting these strategies in your life. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Start today!